Parker SSD 890 Line Synchronization Option Card

8902-LS-00 (AH465779U001)

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Brand: Parker, Range: AC Servo Motors and Gears

Resolver Feedback option card for 890SD/CD/PX Drives.

The Line Synchronization Option allows the 890 Active Front-End (AFE) to monitor the threephase
supply voltage waveform and synchronize the IGBT firing to supply grid frequency and
phase rotation. Once synchronized, the AFE acts as a four-quadrant, sinusoidal, power factor
controlled power supply.

Part number for the Line Synchronization
Option 8902-LS-00 (AH465779U001)

Part Number for the Attenuator module part
number is LA471892U001.

• The attenuator module provides a means to
drop the line voltage to SELV levels.
• Its output has two components, coding (supply
phase zero crossing) and rotation (supply phase
rotation), which are sent to the 8902-LS-00
feedback card
• Enables the 890 AFE to execute power factor
and VAR control.

Input Voltage (Attenuator) 400 to 690VAC ± 10%
Input Frequency 40 to 70 Hz
Input Voltage Range (8902-LS) ±30V (differential)
Terminal Wire Size (maximum) 16 AWG
Terminal Tightening Torque 0.22 - 0.25Nm (1.9 - 2.2 pound-inches)

Part number: 8902-RE-00(AH465779U001)

Manufacturer is Parker SSD Drives Division, formerly known as Eurotherm Drives and Shackleton System Drives.