Parker SSD Parvex K9 Encoder


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Brand: Parker Parvex, Range: RS & RX Servo Motor Spares

Parker SSD Parvex Encoder type K9, 5V x 1000ppr.

Supply voltage:  5V +/- 5%.
Input current:   155 mA at no load.
Output signals:   Tracks A, B, Z, A/, B/, Z/ Square incremental waveform, inverted, differential (RS422 compatible).
Phasing:  90° +/- 45.
Pulse Frequency:  160 kHz maximum.
Protection Rating:  IP40.
Weight:   < 25g.
Operating temperature:  - 0°C to 70°C.
Storage temperature: - 30°C to 80°C.

Replaced by the C2 Encoder (Codeur).  The C2 is interchangeable with the K9 Encoder, although the wire colours are different.  See the linked products below.

Part number:  220008.

Made by Parvex (Axem) and sold under many other names including nameplates marked:- BBC (Brown Boveri Company), ABB, ASEA, GEC Alsthom, CEM, Kollmorgan, Mattke, Simplatroll and Alstom

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