Disclaimer : Safety and Engineering Responsibility

All items supplied via this site are high quality Industrial products made by well known Industrial Companies. The issues of quality verses price, always comes down to quality and long life over a few pounds saved. Manufacturers who pursue the lowest cost by reduced product life, compromised protection, reduced performance or features are not included here.

The information and guidance provided by the site is intended to increase Customers understanding of the equipment, features and benefits from using the drive and ancillary products. Any advice or comments concerning; legislation, calculations, application advise, power rating or application details are given in good faith and become the Customers responsibility to accept or verify the same themselves. The responsibility for application and use of the products rests with the purchaser in all respects. Manuals and installation instructions are included with the products when shipped or are available from the manufacturer’s web site or head office. We accept no responsibility for performance, use, safety or any other aspect of the drives use or installation in any way.

The products offered are CE marked and meet current legislation for the applications and site conditions as detailed in the product manuals.

Issue 01 - 8 November 2006