EMC Clip for Parker SSD Drives 635 Servo Drives - EMVBUE-DEK15V1 (unmounted)

EMVBUE-DEK15V1 (unmounted) (KT.0009.0001)

Order Code: 21111
Obsolete Product
This item is now obsolete. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below.

Brand: Parker, Range: AC635 Servo

EMC Clip for 635 servo Drives.

When added to the drive this adds the -E- into the code.

Manufacturers part number: EMVBUE-DEK15V1(unmounted) (KT.0009.0001)

Made by Parker Hinnifin SSD Drives Division and sold under previous names including...
ASB, Samson, Apollo, Eurotherm Drives and SSD Drives.

Download the 635 Manual from the link below...