Parker SSD 599P 2Q 380V to 690V 3ph AC to External Stack DC Controller, AVF

599P-73260010-TP00-U4V0 (599P-0060-690-00T0-UK-ARM-0-0-0)

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Brand: Parker, Range: DC590P DC Thyristor Drives

SSD Drives 590P Series DC Motor Speed Controller Single Quadrant External Thyristor Stack Driver and gate firing leads for 380V to 680V Supply with 110V/230V universal Control supply.

Provides speed and torque control of large DC Thyristor drives, via trigger pulses applied to an existing or separate Armature Thyristor stack.  Also includes a built-in field supply.
Keypad included and set for Armature Voltage feedback for motor speed.  
Simple to set-up in Digital, fully-isolated Single Quadrant form and ready to run from its 'Quick Set-Up' settings.

Dimensions: Size 1 250mm Wide x 180mm Deep x 415mm High.

Terminals include:-
5 x Analogue Inputs (4 x Configurable).
3 x Analogue Outputs (2 x Configurable).
10 x Digital inputs - 5 are Configurable including two as encoder inputs for a second or line encoder.
3 x Digital Outputs (all Configurable).
+ & - 10V for Potentiometers.

Input Current: up to 50A for a 60A Field (120A field available on request).
Input Voltage: 380V/415V/440V/460V three phase +-10% at 50/60Hz.

Ambient: Rated at 40C.
Ventilation space above: 160mm, Ventilation space below: 100mm, Ventilation space at sides: 0mm.
Mounting: Panel mount with M6 screw fixings on 200 x 400mm centres.

Part Number:  599P-73260010-TP00-U4V0.  Legacy Part Number: 599P-0060-690-00T0-UK-ARM-0-0-0, Exactly the same as Eurotherm Drives 599P-0060-690-00T0-UK-ARM-0-0-0.

Replaces:- SSD and Eurotherm Drives 599A-xxxx and 599C-xxxx products. Used on many Extruder and general applications. Requires external back-up high speed fuses.

Download the 598P and 599P Technical product Manual from the link below...

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