Parker SSD EnDat Encoder Sin/Cos v2.1 Feedback option for 890SD/CD Series Inverters 8902-E1-00(AH469498U001)

8902-E1-00 (AH469498U001)

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Obsolete Product
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Brand: Parker

OBSOLETED : EnDat Encoder (Sin/Cos Type, V2.1) Feedback option card for 890SD and 890CD Drives. NO registration ability.

When installed; the part number changes as follows:-

Legacy Part No: 890XX/X/XXXXX/X/XX/X/XX/XX/XX/E1/XX/XX

The Option has the following features:
• Interpolates each encoder line with 12-bit accuracy giving
4 million counts per revolution on a 1024 line encoder
• Decoding logic to interface the encoder to the
• Supplies 5V or 10V to the encoder
• Will decode Heidenhain Endat 2.1 Abosolute Position

Part number: 8902-E1-00 AH469498U001 OBSOLETE (Use 8902-M1-00 (Also known as AH469867U001)) Note there are some compatibilty issues see 8902-M1-00 manual attached

Manufacturer is Parker SSD Drives Division, formerly known as Eurotherm Drives and Shackleton System Drives.

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Photo of Parker SSD 890 EnDat Encoder Sin/Cos v2.1 Feedback Option Card

Parker SSD 890 EnDat Encoder Sin/Cos v2.1 Feedback Option Card



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