Parker SSD Parvex SAVTBN206R2012 Tachogenerator


Order Code: 23141
Obsolete Product
This item is now obsolete. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below.

Brand: Parker Parvex, Range: RS & RX Servo Motor Spares

TBN206 Tachogenerator (Tacho, Tachy) usually fitted to Parvex 'RS' Series and other DC Servo Motors.

Output is 6V/1000RPM
Bore size is xxmm

Parvex Part Number - SAV TBN206-R1100(SAVTBN206R1100)

Made by Parvex (Axem) and sold under many other names including nameplates marked:- BBC (Brown Boveri Company), ABB, ASEA, GEC Alsthom, CEM, Kollmorgan, Mattke and Alstom.

Download the TBN206 Installation and Commissioning Manual from the link below...